John Haydon, Senior Consultant

John has practiced as a Barrister since 1977 and was an active President of the Associations mentioned in Johnís curriculum vitae. John is the Managing Director of Ecodirections with more than 25 years as an Environmental Lawyer and involvement in the Non Government Organisation sector, having represented many clients in a variety of environmental and town planning disputes in the Local Government Court (now Planning and Environment Court), Land Court and Supreme Court in Queensland, Australia.
Environmental policy advice is part of John's skills both nationally and internationally. John has published a series of articles that are listed in the full curriculum vitae (PDF 170k)

Contact John: johnhaydon@ecodirections.com 

Dr Jianbo Kuang, Senior Consultant 
Jianbo has had experience as a Research Scientist in Agriculture Science, Plant Environmental Physiology, Gene technology. This has included the designing, conducting researches and publishing the results.

Education and Employment have taken Jianbo from China to Australia and to the United States. He received his PhD in plant sciences at Monash University, Australia in 1995.

Dr Kuang is now an Australian citizen who speaks both English and Mandarin.

He is qualified as a Mediator having completed that course at Bond University (Queensland).

Jianbo has a long interest in photography firstly in China and then in travelling the world. He has been recording the landscape from Australia, New Zealand, USA; and the faces and places in China and Thailand as part of an international photograph collection for an  exhibition in October 2006 in Brisbane, Australia.

Contact Jianbo: jkuang@ecodirections.com